Gajar Ka Halwa With Double Cream Home Cooking Procedure

Know the details about the Gajar Ka Halwa With Double Cream Home Cooking Procedure, Gajar Ka Halwa With Double Cream Procedure Steps

Gajar Ka Halwa with Double Cream: An Ultimate Guide

About Gajar Ka Halwa with Double Cream

Gajar ka Halwa, commonly known as carrot halwa, is a beloved Indian dessert made from grated carrots, milk, sugar, and ghee. Adding double cream to this traditional recipe elevates its richness and creaminess, making it an indulgent treat. This blog post delves into the history, significance, and detailed preparation of Gajar ka Halwa with double cream.

Gajar Ka Halwa With Double Cream Home Cooking Procedure

History of Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa has its roots in the northern regions of India, dating back to the Mughal era. It was initially a royal dessert, prepared with carrots, khoya (reduced milk solids), and generous amounts of ghee and nuts. Over time, it became a popular homemade sweet, especially during winters when fresh carrots are in season.

Importance of Gajar Ka Halwa

This dessert is more than just a sweet dish; it symbolizes warmth, togetherness, and celebration. Often served during festivals like Diwali, Holi, and family gatherings, Gajar ka Halwa is cherished for its comforting flavors and nutritional benefits.

Items Required and Quantity Table


Carrots (medium-sized)1 kg
Full-fat milk1 liter
Double cream250 ml
Ghee (clarified butter)100 grams
Sugar200 grams
Cardamom powder1 teaspoon
Chopped nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios)100 grams
Saffron strands (optional)A few strands

Estimated Cost of Complete Recipe:

The estimated cost for preparing Gajar ka Halwa with double cream is approximately $15, depending on the quality and location of ingredients.

Utensils Needed and Quantity List


  • Heavy-bottomed pan or kadhai: 1
  • Wooden spoon or spatula: 1
  • Grater: 1
  • Knife: 1
  • Chopping board: 1
  • Mixing bowl: 1

Cooking Temperature Details

Start by cooking the carrots and milk on medium flame until the mixture thickens. Lower the flame to simmer when adding double cream and finish cooking on low-medium flame to avoid burning and ensure even cooking.

Nutritional Information List

Per Serving (150g):

  • Calories: 450 kcal
  • Protein: 7 grams
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 65 grams
  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • Vitamin A: 220% DV
  • Calcium: 20% DV
  • Iron: 8% DV

Cooking Time and Preparation Time Table

Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

TaskTime Required
Preparation Time20 minutes
Cooking Time70 minutes

Cooking Procedure Overview

Gajar ka Halwa with double cream involves grating carrots, cooking them with milk until they soften, then adding double cream, sugar, and ghee. The mixture is cooked until it reaches the desired consistency and garnished with cardamom and nuts.

Detailed Step-by-Step Cooking Procedure

Step 1: Preparing Carrots

  1. Wash, peel, and grate 1 kg of carrots.

Step 2: Cooking Carrots and Milk

  1. In a heavy-bottomed pan, add the grated carrots and 1 liter of full-fat milk.
  2. Cook on medium flame, stirring occasionally, until the milk evaporates and the carrots are soft.

Step 3: Adding Double Cream

  1. Once the milk is mostly absorbed, add 250 ml of double cream.
  2. Stir continuously to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan.
  3. Cook until the mixture thickens.

Step 4: Adding Sugar and Ghee

  1. Add 200 grams of sugar and mix well.
  2. Add 100 grams of ghee and stir until the halwa starts to leave the sides of the pan.

Step 5: Flavoring and Garnishing

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder for flavor.
  2. Mix in 100 grams of chopped nuts and a few saffron strands (optional).
  3. Cook for another 10 minutes and turn off the flame.

Tips for Perfect Gajar Ka Halwa

  • Use fresh, tender carrots for a naturally sweet taste.
  • Stir continuously to avoid the mixture from burning.
  • Adjust sugar levels based on your preference.
  • Ensure the double cream is added slowly to avoid curdling.

Serving Procedure

Serve Gajar ka Halwa warm in bowls. For a chilled variation, refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

Serving Decoration Ideas

  • Garnish with chopped nuts for a crunchy texture.
  • Decorate with edible silver foil (vark) for a festive look.
  • Sprinkle a few saffron strands or rose petals on top.

Best Combined With

Gajar ka Halwa with double cream pairs excellently with:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Puri (fried bread)
  • Rabri (thickened sweet milk)

Should Not Be Combined With

Avoid pairing Gajar ka Halwa with:

  • Savory dishes like pickles or spicy curries
  • Citrus fruits which can alter the taste

Eating Process

Enjoy Gajar ka Halwa by taking small spoonfuls to savor the rich, creamy texture and nutty crunch.

Recipe Health Tips

  • Substitute some ghee with coconut oil for a healthier fat option.
  • Reduce sugar quantity or use natural sweeteners like stevia for a low-calorie version.
  • Add more nuts to increase protein content.

Recipe Health Benefits

  • Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, promoting good vision and immune health.
  • Milk and double cream provide calcium and protein essential for bone health.
  • Nuts offer healthy fats and increase satiety.

Recipe Health Warnings

  • High in calories; consume in moderation if on a weight loss diet.
  • Diabetics should adjust sugar or use sugar substitutes.

Storage Instructions Procedure

Store Gajar ka Halwa in an airtight container:

  • In the refrigerator: Up to 1 week
  • In the freezer: Up to 3 months (thaw and reheat before serving)

Things to Know

  • A heavy-bottomed pan is essential to prevent burning.
  • Freshly made Gajar ka Halwa tastes best, but it can be reheated with a little milk to restore its original texture.


Can I use condensed milk instead of double cream?

Yes, you can substitute double cream with condensed milk for a richer taste, but reduce the amount of sugar accordingly.

How can I make Gajar ka Halwa vegan?

Use plant-based milk like almond or coconut milk and replace ghee with coconut oil.

Can I skip nuts in the recipe?

Yes, you can skip nuts if you have allergies or prefer a simpler version.

Gajar ka Halwa with double cream is a luxurious twist on the traditional dessert, offering a rich and creamy experience. Follow these detailed steps and tips to create a delectable treat that will be loved by all.

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