Moong Dal Kheer With Sugar Easy Home Cooking Process Steps

Know the details about the Moong Dal Kheer With Sugar Easy Home Cooking Process Steps, Moong Dal Kheer With Sugar Recipe Easy Home Cook

Moong Dal Kheer with Sugar: A Traditional Indian Dessert

Moong dal kheer, also known as pasi paruppu payasam in Tamil, is a traditional Indian dessert made from moong dal (split yellow lentils), milk, and sugar. This sweet dish is creamy, rich, and full of flavors, making it a perfect treat to end your meal.

Moong Dal Kheer With Sugar Easy Home Cooking Process Steps

Items Required List

  • Moong dal (Split Yellow Lentils)
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Cardamom Powder
  • Cashews
  • Raisins

Items Quantity

  • Moong dal – 1/2 cup
  • Milk – 4 cups
  • Sugar – 3/4 cup (adjust as per taste)
  • Ghee – 2 tablespoons
  • Cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Cashews – 10-12
  • Raisins – 2 tablespoons

Nutritional Information

A single serving of Moong Dal Kheer provides approximately:

  • Calories: 240 Kcal
  • Protein: 7g
  • Fat: 6g
  • Carbohydrates: 40g
  • Fiber: 1g

Please note that the nutritional value can vary based on the exact quantity and brand of ingredients used.

Cooking Time

Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 45 minutes Total Time: 55 minutes

Cooking Steps Overview

  1. Roast the moong dal.
  2. Cook the roasted dal in milk.
  3. Add sugar and simmer.
  4. Fry dry fruits in ghee and add to the kheer.
  5. Serve warm or chilled.

Step-by-step Cooking Procedure

  1. Roast the Moong Dal: Heat a pan and dry roast the moong dal on medium flame until it turns golden brown. Ensure to stir continuously to prevent burning.
  2. Cook the Dal: Transfer the roasted dal to a pressure cooker, add milk and cook till the dal becomes soft.
  3. Add Sugar: Once the dal is cooked, add sugar to the cooker. Stir well and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes on low flame.
  4. Fry Dry Fruits: In a separate pan, heat ghee and fry the cashews and raisins until they turn golden brown.
  5. Combine and Serve: Add the fried dry fruits and cardamom powder to the kheer. Serve warm or chilled as per your preference.


  • Roasting the moong dal before cooking enhances its flavor.
  • Adjust the quantity of sugar as per your taste.
  • The kheer tends to thicken upon cooling, so adjust the milk quantity accordingly.

Things to Know

  • This dessert is often made during festivals and special occasions in India.
  • It can be served both warm and chilled.


Q: Can I use jaggery instead of sugar?

A: Yes, you can replace sugar with jaggery. However, the taste and color of the kheer will change.

Q: Can I add other dry fruits?

A: Yes, you can add other dry fruits like almonds, pistachios etc., for extra crunch and flavor.

Q: How long does this kheer last?

A: It can be refrigerated and consumed within 2-3 days.

Indulge in this simple yet delicious Moong Dal Kheer with sugar and treat your taste buds with the goodness of traditional Indian desserts.

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